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desde 1975



  • EXPERIENCE. Since the very beginning in 1975 we have cast parts of great metallurgy and geometrical complexity: marine engines, beds, columns, compressors, pumps, eccentric wheels etc.
  • QUALITY. The quality standards used ensure the suitability of any part, no matter the difficulty and size is (even up to 22 meters). In addition we have implemented procedures and management systems that allows to meet any demand regarding internal health, surface quality, traceability, dimensional controls, non-destructive and mechanical testing, recording, processing and transmission of the relevant certificates
  • CHALLENGES. We manufacture pieces between 4 and 60 tons, both in grey and ductile iron, in boxes and pits, for the most varied sectors and each have a corresponding process, from design, modelling and production of each part, integrating simultaneously necesary production controls and quality assessment