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Quality - Inspection Levels


From the very beginning, quality is our hallmark. It distinguishes us and also let us have a flawless inner homogeneity and the obvious surface quality. We are constantly searching for new measurement systems and collaborations with various Institutes of verification.


Quality Management System

Sakanas Quality System is certified ISO9001 since 1993 and Environment System ISO14001 since 2006


Product Quality

Some of the quality checks we perform on a regular basis in our daily work are:

  • Mechanical properties: tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness.
  • Metallographic structure: micrograph (electron microscope).
  • Chemical composition analysis: spectrometer and carbon and sulphur analyzer.
  • Non-destructive Testing: ultrasonic, magnetic particles and penetrating liquids.
  • Other: tightness, pressure testing, marking.

Inspection END:

We want to highlight the wide, experienced and highly qualified Sakana’s NDT Team, with over twenty Level II and two Level III inspectors.


Equipment / Quality Systems

Our quality systems, that always exceed the most demanding requirements of our customers, are regularly calibrated and certified.