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desde 1975

Integral Service


SAKANA Group offers customers a complete solution, beginning with advice on design and prototyping, continues with planning mass production, including machining, painted and ends with the transportation of parts to the place of assembly anywhere in Europe.


Our skills include all areas:

  • Foundry. Two foundries: one of them specializes exclusively in the wind sector and the other one dedicated to high technological and geometric requirement.
  • Machining. We serve both prototypes and mass production of wind energy.
  • Treatment and painted surfaces, covers all the needs or demands regarding anti corrosive surface finish of any piece
  • Transport, we have ships going to northern Europe.

In SAKANA Group the customer will find a single interlocutor, who gives a complete solution to all the needs and coordinates all processes for each company. The customer only has to worry about receiving the order in the specified location for assembly.