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desde 1975



  • EXPERIENCE: since 1975 we have integrated craftsmanship with the latest technology
  • Capacity: 35,000 m2 of facilities. Parts up to 60 tons and 22 meters long

SAKANA, founded in 1975, has grown surrounding itself with the necessary companies to offer a complete solution to its customers.

SAKANA has grown from within, gradually achieving a perfect fit of the integrated processes, forming finally SAKANA Group.


The incorporation of SAKANA Group can offer customers a total solution for their products, from advice on component design, modelling and prototyping to planning mass production, including machining, painting and transport parts to the place of assembly.

The Group consists of:


Foundry: Sakana S. Coop.

Machining: Lakber Mecanizados, S.L.

Painting: Goilak, S.L.